Diane & Kim – Meet the R2B Winnipeg Organizing Committee


Over the next short weeks, we’ll be featuring members of the Committee. Get to know who we are and why we are involved in this event.

Kim - Co-Director


I’m Kim Jabusch, Co-Race Director for Run2Believe Winnipeg.  I’m a full-time registered nurse, wife, mom and runner.  I am excited about this fundraising event because I believe in the work of the St. Boniface Hospital Foundation and their direct impact on patients and families.

I began running about 10 years ago following diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer.  I joined a local running club, entered my first 5 Km race and the rest is history. For me the greatest challenge has been running marathons because of the required time commitment to train and get in those long runs.  It does keep you honest on race day.  My next fitness challenge on the horizon is to complete an ultramarathon in 2018.

Organized, driven and impatient are three words people use to describe me. I still have no idea if these are good characteristics for a race director to have or not.  If I weren’t volunteering with Run2Believe, I would definitely be more faithful to my training runs and I would be sleeping better. Being a race director has a way of keeping you up at nights.

I love a lot of things about Winnipeg and Manitoba. This is my home. The open prairie sky lends itself to never feeling constrained.  Boundaries seem limitless.  I think it’s a great metaphor for how life should be lived too.

Diane - Co-Director

Diane - RUN2BELIEVE Co-Director

I have the pleasure of being Co-Director with an amazing co-worker, Kim Jabusch.  I have never been involved in planning an event of this size or for such an important cause, St. Boniface Foundation. This has been an incredible learning experience for me.  I have been a runner since 2004, completing fun runs, 10km and half marathon distances including one marathon in France with my sister. What I have learned the most over the years is that running  is about setting a goal, getting out there to practice and then celebrating that success at completion.  Running is truly for everyone.

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